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Dave Jensen davej at sedona.net
Sun May 10 11:59:11 EST 1998

(Cross Posted, with apologies)

The Career Discussion Forum at Bio Online is one of the most active online
discussion forums covering the world of science careers, biotechnology,
and pharmaceuticals. This forum has hundreds of archived and current posts
related to topics about careers: various bench science and non-bench
science positions, alternative careers, and job search related discussion.
You will find it of interest whether you are just starting out or whether
you are advancing on a senior-level career track. The location is:

Although the forum has been very successful to date, we are constantly
thinking about ways to improve it. One of the ways to do this is will be
to add new voices in specialized areas when questions arise about these
fields. Currently, we have a number of experts who are available in
certain career areas as Mentors. But we need more!

We are currently recruiting for senior level professionals to join us as
Mentors in the following fields: Clinical Research, Sales and Marketing,
Business Development, Regulatory Affairs, Patent Law, Finance, and in
several unique categories of bench science (diagnostics, combinatorial
chemistry, genomics). If you are already a contributor in your field of
expertise, we thank you. Our forum has been very lucky to have a number of
very WONDERFUL frequent posters (you know who you are -- my heartfelt
thanks). But -- there are a great number of specialty career areas in the
world of biotechnology and I seek to find even more regular posters in
certain areas.

Every Mentor who is registered with us on a particular topic will be
alerted by email when we have a post on the forum which falls into their
listed field of expertise. I can guarantee that the program will not
overburden you, and the average involvement may be no more than 15 minutes
a month. But just think about the great need that others have for your
useful career information, and how grateful the group will be to receive
it! We can post your messages for you, anonymously, if you wish -- but you
may find that the interactive nature of this wonderful forum stimulates
both those asking the questions as well as the Mentor.

Your recommendations would sure be appreciated in personal email directed
to my attention at SMI at sedona.net, if you have suggestions or interest.
Please join us for a visit or an online question about biotechnology

Best regards,

Dave Jensen, Moderator, Bio Online Career Discussion Forum

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