hepatic glycogen metabolism and CFidS symptoms and GTF

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Wed May 13 14:54:18 EST 1998

I'm looking for infomation linking hepatic glycogen metabolism and Glucose
tolerance factor.  I believe I have a low level of Glucose tolerance factor.

GTF pills have been allowing me to have some carbos/ sugars (2T per day
approx of sugars and maybe, like, 1-2 slices of 60% whole wheat bread)
without immediatly becoming dizzy and running into flues and colds which take
2-3 weeks to get over.	My hometown family doctor has referred me, once
again, to a nuerologist who did the standard glucose tolerance test while
meansuring brain wave activity via little things stuck on my head.  Tat was
in 1991, after i managed through sheer perseverance to graduate with my class
after 1 year of bedrest.  The diagnosis/ thinking was that due to many flues/
ect over the years my body simply had now broken down with CFS (they simply
didn't know wht else to call it back then)  I was told that I simply might
have small muscle cells (what does, that, indeed do with anything- lactic
acid?)	and that also new enzymes were beign discovered so I might be lacking
one of those. Now, GTF isn't an enzyme, is it?	I'ts a chemical, right?
occuring in our liver...from birth/ or breast milk/ diet therafter?  So
what's the level of glucose level/ glucose tolerance factor level that's
normal before the body becomes overloaded and breaks down?

I have a whole little hypothisis written down somewhere, but I have 5 of my
18 binders to go through before I find it, and would very gratefully read
some of your stuff before then.

any questions (medically related) I'm ready and willing for them.

Thankyou, Ella

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