Acute vs. chronic cytokine responses

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Wed May 13 22:44:26 EST 1998

Started to include bionet.neuroscience but realized this might let
loonies who have polluted that group find their way into
bionet.immunology.  Better to post separately to that group.

Looking for data on chronic rather than acute cytokine responses to
momentary events (e.g. mechanical trauma, hypoxia, seizure).

Although one woman at SFN 1996 presented data on rats after 30 day
survival, this is rare; few keep animmals alive more than a few days
after the event.

Especially interested in MILD trama.  Know of studies with long-term
behavioral effects from mild trauma, but physiological followup only
histological (interestingly, effects with or without observable
hippocampal cell loss).

Presumably, some relevant implications of IEG or HSP responses, but far
from clear so far.  Eager for data on mast cell response also.

Interested in brain, but will consider ANY tissue (even non-neural).
(n.b.: Medline for past 5 years showed only 6 articles conjoining
spinal cord, injuries, and cytokines...)

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