Acute vs. chronic cytokine responses

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Frank LeFever) writes: 
>Started to include bionet.neuroscience but realized this might let
>loonies who have polluted that group find their way into
>bionet.immunology.  Better to post separately to that group.
>Looking for data on chronic rather than acute cytokine responses to
>momentary events (e.g. mechanical trauma, hypoxia, seizure).
>Although one woman at SFN 1996 presented data on rats after 30 day
>survival, this is rare; few keep animmals alive more than a few days
>after the event.
>Especially interested in MILD trama.  Know of studies with long-term
>behavioral effects from mild trauma, but physiological followup only
>histological (interestingly, effects with or without observable
>hippocampal cell loss).
>Presumably, some relevant implications of IEG or HSP responses, but
>from clear so far.  Eager for data on mast cell response also.
>Interested in brain, but will consider ANY tissue (even non-neural).
>(n.b.: Medline for past 5 years showed only 6 articles conjoining
>spinal cord, injuries, and cytokines...)
>My browser handles attachments poorly (or I use it poorly).  For
>replies  (e.g. abstracts, etc.): FAX Dr. LeFever, USA (914)786-4978
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