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If this post that I have copied from the thyroid group is true, then 
what is going on can anyone figure it out?

Went to see my doc today.  I was feeling discouraged.  I'm way better
on the natural thyroid but there are still some annoying symptoms and
the dose keeps needing to go up.  He said that people who have abuse
or high stress in their childhoods tend to be much more resistant to
the thyroid they take.   He told me about some of his patients that
had been severely abused who are taking as much as 500 mg.  (I can't
remember how many grains that would convert to.)  I was thinking that
I was getting a pretty high dose at 300mg.  
He also told me about a study of East Germans who had moved to the
West when the Wall came down.  They had lived pretty stressful lives
in a police state.  Many had been in jail for trying to escape.
Apparently their cells processed thyroid differently than most people.
My doc figures that any kind of prolonged stress can permanently
change the way our bodies process thyroid.

For those of you with fibromyalgia, he told me that it used to be
standard practise to start fibro patients on thyroid.   And
interestingly enough, he said that for AIDS patients to feel any
benefit from thyroid, they have to *start* with 500mg and go up from
there.  This is so interesting, since I've been wondering why
different people can require such different amounts to get rid of
their symptoms.  And it seems that people require different amounts at
different times, depending on what else is happening for them.

He also said that TSH is totally unrelated to symptoms.  (I've
mentioned before that he treats according to symptoms rather than lab
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