vaccines mucosal vs injection

Kuhnfucius kkuhn at acsworld.net
Sun May 24 10:55:35 EST 1998

Why is it easier to stimulate immunity via injection as opposed to oral /
mucosal.  I am aware of the "intestinal barrier" and the peryers patch role
in tolerance, but are these to main reasons?  Do most injectables require
adjuvacants or are they strongly allogenic by themselfs?
Are cutaneous langerhans cell a big part of this equation?  I was talking
to a highschool class and thought of this question later.   Strange the
"skulls of mush" did not present me with this type of question.  I will not
give another lecture like that one, as I hate it when no one asks any
Even the longest journey is begun with a single misstep.---Kuhnfucius

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