vaccines mucosal vs injection

Bryan bkiehl1 at san.rr.com
Sun May 24 15:23:27 EST 1998

This is a hot area for the commercial world. I think you have hit on
the problem. Most of us were taught about what is known, humoral
immunity. Far less is known and little is really understood about
mucosal immunity. I know there are some with keen insight, but this
has not transferred into most classes.

Some thoughts:

It is my understanding that immunity in one mucosal sites transfers to
other mucosal sights. Any ideas how?

I am interested in diagnostics. My experience is that measurement of
either IgG or IgA in secretions are equally effective. Any thoughts?

On 24 May 98 15:55:35 GMT, "Kuhnfucius" <kkuhn at acsworld.net> wrote:

>Why is it easier to stimulate immunity via injection as opposed to oral /
>mucosal.  I am aware of the "intestinal barrier" and the peryers patch role
>in tolerance, but are these to main reasons?  Do most injectables require
>adjuvacants or are they strongly allogenic by themselfs?
>Are cutaneous langerhans cell a big part of this equation?  I was talking
>to a highschool class and thought of this question later.   Strange the
>"skulls of mush" did not present me with this type of question.  I will not
>give another lecture like that one, as I hate it when no one asks any

San Diego

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