Jerome Naar jnaar at malarde.pf
Wed May 27 22:08:56 EST 1998

Dear member of the list.

I am presently completing my Ph.D. ("Institut Malard=E9 associ=E9 =E0 l'Inst=
Pasteur", Immunochemistry Laboratory, Medical Oceanographic Unit, Tahiti,
French Polynesia), which could be defended in early 1999.
I am very interested in the immunochemical detection of marine toxins
involved in Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning and Ciguatera Fish Poisoning.
The subject of my Ph.D. concerns the immunochemical detection of Ciguatera
Fish Poisoning, Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning and their causative agents,
the dinoflagellates Gambierdiscus toxicus and Gymnodinium breve
During the last four years (as scientist for the Voluntary Technical Aids,
and as Ph.D student) I have gained much experience in various domains of
harmful algae and phycotoxins :

Microchemistry (using =B5g of compound)
Immunology and biochemistry=20
Toxin extraction process
Pharmacological studies on sodium channels=20
Microalgae culture=20

I would enjoy joining a laboratory working on marine organism, phycotoxins
or other biologically active compounds in a postdoctoral or similar=
If you are interested in my request, please feel free to contact me via my
e-mail address and I will send you more information and my educational

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Naar

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