Head and body hairs: questions

Thor braforcap at usa.net
Thu May 28 13:18:18 EST 1998

Hi everybody
I'm interested in which is in detail the difference under the skin
between a hair on the head and a hair on the body (the invisible ones we
have in every pore), in order to justify the different external look.
For ex., differences in the bulb, in the tissue around it, etc.

When you grow up and the hairline recedes, some hair bulb "dies" and
starts producing a hair like the ones that, unseen, cover the forehead
and the whole body. Well, I wonder if the hair has turned to one of them
under every aspect - even in the part under the skin. Beyond, I wonder
if we can say your head hair "dies" or just "falls asleep" - that is, if
that bulb could spontaneously return to produce a long hair, provided
favourable conditions of its surroundings.

Besides, I'm interested in what happens to the bulb and the tissue
around when a little invisible chest hair gets visible in adults.

I'm also looking for any biological/medical site where the subcutaneous
difference between a head hair and a body hair is explained in detail.

braforcap at usa.net

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