Brain surgery on mice

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu May 28 22:35:49 EST 1998

In <356bd879.7098525 at news.cc.ruu.nl> M.Nijdam at stud.biol.ruu.nl (Michiel
Nijdam) writes: 
>I need to isolate specific parts of mouse brains, like the choroid
>plexus and meninges for RNA annalasys.
>Does anyone have handy tips on how to perform such surgery.

Very, very carefully...

Having done rudimentary work on larger brains (rats) I can only
sympathize.  Not a technique, but an idea you might exploit: presumably
these are tougher than the parenchyma.  Maybe like Michaelangelo and
the block of marble--he carved away evderything which was not David...

(With FIXED brains, one can rub away grey matter with an orange stick
and reveal tracts; but not likely to help you with your problem)

Frank LeFever

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