vaccines mucosal vs injection

Kefei Hu Kefei.Hu at bmc.uu.se
Fri May 29 05:24:09 EST 1998

>Some thoughts:

  >It is my understanding that immunity in one mucosal sites transfers
to other mucosal sights. Any ideas how?

Yes, it is the feature of the so-called common mucosal immune system.
Interestingly, the female reproductive organ is a poor induction site of
immune responses, but it is a good effector site for both locally
produced IgA or transudatory IgG from the blood.

Higher IgA titers during estrus and higher IgG titers during diestrus
were observed in AdgB8 i.n. immunized mice (*), indicating both
changes of female reproduction organ as well as different Igs play
different roles during the estrous cycle.

   > I am interested in diagnostics. My experience is that measurement
 either IgG or IgA in secretions are equally effective. Any thoughts?

Totally agree with you and IgA is also much more
resistant to degradation than IgG, which makes it little bit easier to
handle. Any comment?

*Kennech L et al. Challenges for vaccination against
sexually-transmitted disease: induction and long-term maintenance of
mucosal immune responses in the female genital tract. Seminars in
IMMUNOLOGY, 1997 (9): 303-314.

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Kefei Hu

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