Vitamin myths again

Dom Spinella dspinella at chugaibio.com
Fri May 29 10:49:32 EST 1998

> More on the subject of Vitamin C uptake by macrophages under attack. I
> think more precise results can be obtained by using the most available
> location of macrophages, in the skin. A test might proceed as follows:
> 1. Have subject take a dose of 1000 mg of Vitamin C,
> 2. Wait two hours to be sure a good level in blood is established,
> 3. Apply some substance or action to an area of skin which will provoke
> an immune system reaction, perhaps cigarette tar,
> 4. Wait 30 minutes for reaction,
> 5. Remove substance and take scraping of skin,
> 6. Also take quick scraping of an area of untested skin,
> 7. Analyze both samples for both ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid,
> 8. Compare results.
> This assumes macrophages work pretty much the same everywhere.
> Regards, Ralph

I realize that I am beating my head against the wall here Ralph.  You
and I have gone around the block before on these kinds of things, and
now I usually just figuratively bite my tongue when I read your
postings.  I suppose that's the best policy, so I will refrain from
responding to any more.  However, as to your "experiment", there is at
least one slight problem: I suspect that you are unlikely to obtain
anywhere near enough macrophages even from a skin biopsy (much less a
"skin scraping" which will only give you epidermis) to measure
intracellular ascorbic acid levels. In experimental design, as in most
things, the devil is in the details... Bye.
--Dom Spinella

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