"AIDS Treatment News" online * (clueless? or a CLUE?)

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>Read about the real lives of people who go through the ostracism of
>being HIV+.  Imagine that it were you and you didn't have any risk
>factors typically associated with becoming HIV+.  Simplify this issue
>for the non braniacs who might be cruising this newsgroup for some
>help. jb

Is this a clue to what has been (so far, to me, annyway) a perplexing
puzzle?  I have been trying to imagine what could drive a man to such
"shooting himself in the foot" sort of defiance of every correction of
his many rather simple errors, his complete unwillingness or inability
to present a reasoned argument for his cause (what is it exactly?) but
inability to let go of it either.

Can it really be so banal and yet so compelling of our compassion?  Is
it just such a simple matter as his being HIV+ and more frightened of
being identified in terms of its "risk factors" than of the
consequences of untreated HIV infection?

F. LeFever

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