Grouse shooting & HIV

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>>In 1991 it was suggested that cytokines such as TNF-alpha might fill this role. Recently some major laboratories have taken this up. For further details see:
>Would you cite something other than "grouse beating" as a rationale
>for TNF??? Right now, they're doing clinical trials of TNF-antibodies
>perceiving it to be part of the immunopathogenesis.  Giving TNF was
>tried and failed.

One interesting thing that came out of Wong-Staal's work on tat inhibitors
was that none of her candidate molecules had much activity, leading
to the discovery that TNF can initiate transcription (via NF-kappa-B
acting on the HIV LTR). This stuff turns HIV replication on. 
There is a lot of discussion about "flushing" out viral reservoirs 
in the presence of HAART, so as to drastically reduced the proviral load.
TNF would certainly initiate viral transcription, so it might function
in this context -- but I certainly wouldn't want to be the first to try it!

>I'm all for dealing with a broader perspective than just HAART for the
>reasons you state.  Why do you keep posting this unsupported crap
>about using TNF?
>		George M. Carter

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