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F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu Nov 5 00:27:28 EST 1998

jb "challenged", Carlton had already REALLY challenged; the exchange
perhaps obscured or too far down for people to read, so I have edited
the exchange.

F. LeFever

In <71qev5$k8j$1 at news1.tc.umn.edu> carlton at walleye.ccbr.umn.edu
(Carlton Hogan) writes: 
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> <johnburgin at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>>On 2 Nov 1998 19:37:52 GMT, carlton at walleye.ccbr.umn.edu (Carlton
>>Hogan) wrote:

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>>Can't you just agree to a one on one debate with someone like Rasnick
>>or Duesberg that will cut your balls off?jb

>Steve Harris, Bob Holzman, George Carter and I have all agreed to
>Duesberg, making the offers over a five-six year period. Nobody 
>has shown up.

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