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Yes - it also includes recording the batch numbers of materials used,
regular calibration (traceable to recognised standards) and maintenance of
pipettes, instrumentation and other equipment, and validation of assay
methods. It's the laboratory equivalent of GMP - Good Manufacturing
Practice - used in medical industries.


Kurt Sims wrote in message <71vofg$k92 at>...
>If it's what I think it is, it stands for "Good Laboratory Practice".
>These are standards of keeping a lab and doing things in the proper way.
>Like maintaining a good notebook and logging the output of waste and use
>of chemicals.
>We have a GLP seminar coming here in a couple of weeks, I should know more
>then, I hope.
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>(Jkirigin) wrote:
>>I recently graduated  with a degree in Microbiology.In my job search I
>>across the term 'GLP' standerds  (in context of  research reports)  in
the job
>>descriptions. I was wondering what this stood for?
>>Thanks ,
>>Mary Ann
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