Problem with ELISAs

Robin Blumenthal robinb at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 13 13:16:49 EST 1998

We are having an interesting problem in our lab with our ELISAs. I was
wondering if anyone out there might have any ideas.

We are doing sandwich ELISAs for cytokines and Igs (both human and murine)
using a biotin-linked secondary Ab, strep-HRP and OPD as a substrate.  The
problem we are having is that the developing has slowed down incredibly.
Assays that once took 5 min to develop are now taking over 30 min and
still not coming all the way up.  We are in the process of testing all the
components but in a latest test two different batches of HRP-strep gave
the same results.  We are a bit stumped.....anyone have any ideas?

We would appreciate any ideas!

Thank you

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