Problem with ELISAs

TGAco tgaco at
Sun Nov 15 17:32:33 EST 1998

Dear  Dr. Blumenthal-
The first thing I would do is to check the expiration dates of all components
as you had written in your posting.  Many secondary abs do not have expiration
dates, but are only good for ~12 months after reconstitution.  Also,
temperature of the incubation steps - if the lab temp varies, perhaps you
should incubate in an ambient temp incubator.  We found this every spring and
fall when the air-conditioning was turned off/on to let the heating boilers to
get up to speed.  This problem was corrected with the use of an incubator.  You
may also want to track any controls in the future to evaluate any variation in
your assay.  Please keep me up to date as to your progress.  Good luck.

Michael Settles
TGA Sciences, Inc.
5 James Street
Beverly, MA 10915

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