Antibodies (monoclonal) to Mellittin (bee venom peptide)?

Tom Miller tmiller at
Wed Nov 18 03:43:18 EST 1998

You've checked out
There's a list of a few dozen custom mono/polyclonal antibody services on
one of their pages -
Try multiple spellings of mellittin, melittin, mellitin on the searchable
catalog links.


SuttonK wrote in message <72q84r$n0e$1 at>...
>I have been looking for a source of monoclonal antibody to the bee venom
>peptide Mellittin, but have struck out so far.
>Can anyone point me in the direction of a source of such an antibody?
>Kevin Sutton  (suttonk at
>New Zealand Institute for Crop & Food Research, Christchurch, New Zealand

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