fibroblasts on beads

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Wed Nov 25 15:10:01 EST 1998

Sure, many cell types will grow on beads. But will the beads fit through
the FACS?
Check first, as the beads are much bigger than normal cells!

Have fun

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> Daniel Lottaz wrote:
> > 
> > I intend to culture fibroblasts on beads prior to FACS-Analysis. Anyone
> > experience in such a technique?
> > 
> > Many thanks for any contribution.
> > 
> > Daniel Lottaz, Berne
> > e-mail: daniel.lottaz at
> 	Fibroblasts should not be difficult to culture on microcarrier 
> beads.  I routinely use Pharmacia Cytodex Type III (collagen type 1 
> coated) mc-beads to culture McCoy cells for subsequent infection with 
> Chlamydia trachomtis.  There are two texts that come to mind for general 
> information, the first being R. Ian Freshney "Culture of Animal Cells" 
> Wiley Liss ISBN 0-471-58966-7, the second being a technical manual 
> "Microcarrier cell culture" published by Pharmacia.
> 	I have also cultured WI-38 and primary human uterine stroma on 
> the Cytodex -3 beads with very good results. 
> 	There is a certain amount of fine tuning required for obtaining 
> the best culture conditions but it's pretty straight-forward. One 
> pitfall is that there because there is usually a higher density of cells 
> for the volume of medium in the flask, the pH drop and rate of medium 
> depletion is faster than stationary cultures. 
> 	I hope this helps and the mc bead approach works for you.
> Stephen Knight

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