t-cells in "sterile" environments

Alec Redwood aredwood at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Mon Nov 30 21:06:49 EST 1998

That is true in regards to atherosclerosis, but far from proven, as is the
evidence of self Ag such as oxidized LDL.  However, as far as I can see
there is no such evidence in neo-intimal hyperplasia, yet there is an
assumption that T-cells have a role (mostly from immunosuppressed or nude
rat experiments).  Hence the question remains the same, what are they doing
there and unless they are seeing self Ag how are they becoming activated?

kevin-ault at uiowa.edu wrote:

> There are some believers that think that atherosclerosis is an
> infectious disease.  Hence these cells may be responding to infection
> of the endothelium.  Most the recent literature concerns Chlamydia and
> there are a number of good review articles out there.   -  Kevin Ault,
> MD  University of Iowa

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