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Marnix L. Bosch marnix at u.washington.edu
Fri Oct 2 16:46:51 EST 1998

In article <361545cd.83282293 at netnews.worldnet.att.net>,
johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:

> >If you knew anything about the field that you blather on about,
> >you would know that proteases are virtually never prescribed without 
> >*2* drugs from AZT's class (nucleoside analogue reverse transcriptase
> >inhibitors) The most commonly prescribed protease-containing regimens
> >consist of AZT, 3TC, and a protease. That is one thing I have never 
> >seen any "dissident" be able to explain. If AZT is so toxic, how come
> >combining it with another drug in it's class, and a protease causes
> >death rates to drop in clinical endpoint trials?

> The short answer or the long one?  I prefer the short.  Less AZT
> combined with anything else in the PI category means less toxicity.
> Why is that so confusing?  Am I missing something, do you contend that
> the same amounts of AZT are given "with" PI "therapy" as "recommended"
> alone?  There you have it, a "dissident "explains".jb

Thanks for this testimony of ignorance. I'll give you a chance to correct
it though. Please post data showing that AZT in combo therapy is given in
lower doses than used in monotherapy. If those data show the doses are no
different, then please address the question again.

Marnix Bosch

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