X International Immunology Conference program..?

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Sun Oct 4 09:22:37 EST 1998

Hello Chetan/Namrata,

Found you in problem. I'll try my best to solve your problem in a day or so.
Today is holiday and all the program copies are with our HOD. I'll get them
for you soon. Try contacting Dr. Naik for the purpose at sitanaik at sgpgi.ac.in

See you in Lucknow or in Delhi.


In article <36106E77.8B9050D8 at stanford.edu>,
  cpatil at home.com (Chetan Patil) wrote:
> Dear Netters,
> I am trying to find the satellite conference speakers for the Xth
> International Immunology Conference in India, specifically for
> (a) the "Autoimmune disease pathogenesis and treatment" in Lucknow and
> (b) the "Major histocompatibility complexes in Medicine" in New Delhi.
> I haven't recieved the reg. packet yet and the web site does not have
> enough information. If anyone has this information, could they PLEASE
> mail it to me?
> (I need to buy my ticket to India accordingly.)
> Thank you in advance!
> regards,
> Namrata

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