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>Carter) wrote:

>>> The reality is,
>>>that you still haven't answered my question.  What is the dosage with
>>>PI's?  600?  That's 600mg too much.
>>They use 600.  Can't you read??  Well, asshole, this completely
>>contradicts your lame assertion that people aren't dropping dead of
>>"AZT induced AIDS" because the dosage is less.  It's not.

>And who says they're not dropping dead a little slower, which is my
>contention?  Who can tell the difference between a slow death with AZT
>and PI's and AIDS?  Why do you keep defending a bad drug?

You still haven't explain why there is marked survival benefit for
AZT in combination with ANOTHER nuke + PI compared to AZT alone.
If AZT and AZT-like drugs were so toxic, we would expect the exact 
>>Now:  face it.  You fucked up big time again. As a member of the
>>medical community, why didn't you bother to find out that people are
>>taking the same (600 mg) dose of AZT?  You wouldn't have made such a
>>great wanking fool out of yourself.
>George, a "wanking" fool?  Not in my dictionary.  I still repeat,
>600mg is 600 too much without supportive data, which is still wanking.

OK. You claim that the supporting data is not there. Please then offer
meaningful and detailed criticisms of ACTG 320, Abbott 047, the 
CAESAR trial, and the original Erons et al AZT+3tc study. These 
are but a few in the literally dozens of trials looking at combination 
nukes. While you are at it, howabout EACG 017, and the VA cooperative
trial? You claim that there is no supporting data: I claim that 
you are not even minimally familiar with the literature.
If you feel these trials are in error, please list specific flaws,
not just the fact that they contradict your preconceptions.

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