x-, versus gamma-irradiation to prepare human PBL as stimulator cells

Geoffery Cole gcole at PANGAEA-PHARM.COM
Tue Oct 6 07:32:31 EST 1998

I'm seeking feedback as to whether x-ray irradiation, rather than gamma-irradiation, is used to prepare PBL stimulator cells for in vitro CTL cultures. Purchase of an x-ray generating unit, as opposed to an irradiator with a sealed gamma source, is less costly and engenders fewer regulatory and safety issues. 

I know of one company (Associated X-Ray Corp in East Haven, CT) which makes a suitable machine.  In fact, I used one of their units in years past when doing mouse T cell culture work.   However, I've never seen any investigator report in the literature that they prepared autologous stimulators for CD8+ T cell cultures by x-irradiation. Comments by anyone who does human T-cell culture work would be appreciated. 


Geoffrey Cole 

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