HELP: Burnet '57 article?

glik *glik at*
Fri Oct 9 05:53:55 EST 1998

I am in dire need of F. M. Burnet's 1957 journal article where he
posits clonal selection for the first time.

full cite: Burnet, F. M. (1957). "A Modification of Jerne's Theory of
Antibody Production Using the Concept of Clonal Selection." Australian
Journal of Science, 20: 67-68.

If anyone knows where this is available online, in a collection of
essays, or if you have an electronic copy you can e-mail me, please,
please, please let me know. I have searched my university's library,
the web and various databases for the full text with no success.

Many thanks for any assistance,
*glik at* (please remove the anti-spam asterisks before

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