Flow cytometry of adherent cells

Joe Chandler mbiotec at maine.rr.com
Fri Oct 9 07:09:50 EST 1998

Sigma sells a "Dissociation Buffer" that serves as a non-enzymatic method
of dislodging cells from plastic surfaces.  Give that a try.

Jose Santos Alvarez <alvarez at cica.es> wrote in article
<361DCB1E.95FC1EC0 at cica.es>...
>  I need to analyze an adherent cell line for flow cytometry. How to
> detach these cells, without damaging surface proteins? Mecanical
> detachment? EDTA (without trypsin)?
> Thank you for all,
>                 Jose (alvarez at cica.es)
> Jose Santos
> Dept. Bioquimica Medica
> Universidad de Sevilla
>                 Spain

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