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>>>>In any event, speaking of dementia, it was your idiotic statement that
>>>>people now were taking LESS than the former commonly prescribed dose.
>>>I gave you a study, I can give you others, ergo, it wasn't idiotic.
>However, this study does not in any way reflect prescribing practices
>today. Most physcians who are not HIV specialists (who may not know 
>that dosages of 600 mg/day are clinically equivalent) probably go
>to treatment guidelines. For example
>Carpenter CJ, Fischl MA, Hammer SM, Hirsch MS et al "Antiretroviral 
>therapy  for HIV infection in 1997; updated reccomendations of the 
>international AIDS society-USA panel" 1997 JAMA:277 1969
>Bartlett JG, Fauci AS et al "Guidelines for the use of antiretroviral 
>agents in HIV-infected adults and adolescents" (developed by the panel
>on clinical practices for treatment of HIV infection convened by the US 
>DHHS and the Henry J Kaiser family foundation) Widely disseminated
>included in 1997 MMWR, and most reference texts after 1997.
>If some GP somewhere is just flying by the seat of his/her pants,
>and does not refer to the guidelines, it is probable that they would 
>at least read the package insert, which also recommends 600 mg.
>Can you provide _any_ references that _anybody_ besides persons with 
>HIV encephalopathy
You mean besides you? jb
 are being prescribed higher doses?

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