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George M. Carter gmc0 at ix.netcom.com
Wed Oct 14 13:53:45 EST 1998

johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:


>Sorry George, just couldn't pass this one up:

I had written:

>We need better clinical data on such approaches.  Many people are
>doing them.  I get damned sick and tired that the arrogant bastards,
>particularly Tony Fauci, after all these years don't give a fuck about
>any of this, either because they can't make a buck later or because
>they have an arrogant, overblown attitude and think this is just crap
>from the granola crowd.  That's bigotry, not science.

Burgin burbled:

>Well, well.  Isn't this where you get your drivel?   See, this is why
>I just can't trust you guys.  You're always contradicting yourselves.

No wonder you're so confused!!  You're incapable of understanding
anything more complex than black and white.  

Let me clarify.  Fauci heads an Institute of the NIH that does a great
deal of clinical work in AIDS.  There are many hospitals, institutions
and (unfortunately) corporations which do clinical work in AIDS.  They
look almost exclusively at patented drugs.  They do a job that ranges
from pathetic to excellent in that regard.

Those aggregate data clearly indicate the value of the AIDS drugs in
preventing death and improving health.  That is all well and good.

They fail, however, to study non-patentable approaches.  This is
unscientific and/or bigoted.  That does not obviate their ability to
assess the effects of drugs nor does it diminish the reality that the
drugs, with serious limitations, are keeping people alive.

Is that too complicated for your simple little mind?  Oh, right.  I'm
sure it is.

		George M. Carter

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