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>Immunology, particularly MHC restriction, aficionados:
>While we were discussing MHC restriction in class, an interesting group
>of student questions were posed.  Something along the following lines:=20
>"Somatic mutation does not occur in the TCR because it would be
>detrimental to generate self-specific T-cells.  Yet, we display
>self-peptides in our MHC molecules.  Why haven't we developed
>mechanisms to display only foreign peptides? Also, if somatic mutation
>can potentially lead to self-specific T-cells, shouldn't the same hold
>with B-cells?"
>Beyond the exceptions, I gave the canned answers that random mutation
>of the TCR may change thymic-induced specificity leading to
>autoreactivity; there are autoreactive B cells but T cells would
>control them, polyclonal B-cell activation, etc.  Your comments?
>Also, what about the following, why not "=8Adisplay only foreign
>peptides?"  Teleological reasons could be given, possibility for
>chronic activation, self-peptides used in thymic selection, etc.  I
>would be interested to hear other comments.
Somatic mutation of the TCR would also eliminate its specifity for self
MHC.  If it doesn't recognize MHC, the peptide is inconsequential.

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