Novel immunosuppressor

Michel Jung mjung at
Wed Oct 21 15:47:23 EST 1998

Independant scientist is looking for biotech company (or venture
capital) interested in co-developing one or several powerful new
immunosuppressors for human use .
The compounds are covered by patents filed ( not granted yet) in the USA
and internationally ; they are second generation , safer analogs of a
natural product ,itself  too toxic for development .  The mode of action
may be similar to Cyclosporin A but has not been determined
unequivocally : the chemistry however is totally different . One of the
compounds ( the others could not be tested yet ) is at least as active
as CsA ( mgkg basis) in preventing paw swelling in rat adjuvant
arthritis and is very well tolerated . Collaborations for continued
supply of the parent compound  have been worked out ; conversion
chemistry is one or two steps depending on compound .Extracts of the
plant from which the parent compound was isolated , qualify as DMARD .
More information is available to interested parties after secrecy
agreement signature.
Michel Jung .

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