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>>There are dozens. There are even what is called "enhancing" antiboies,
>"Antiboies"?  I haven't heard of them.  Enhancing does sound
>fascinating though.  Do you get paid by the pound for this crap?  jb

Yeah, this pretty much proves what everyone already knew:  Burgin really
is completely ignorant of the most basic and well-documented virology and

Enhancing antibodies are a well-known phenomenon.  Introductory textbooks
on immunology and virology discuss them.  First-year courses in immunology
and virology discuss them.  Medline has hundreds of journal articles about
them.  Hell, even clinicians know about them. If Burgin has never heard of
enhancing antibodies--and he obviously hasn't--then he's not simply
ignorant, he's actively ignorant, because it would take determined and
deliberate blindness to avoid learning about them.

Someone who has never heard of enhancing antibodies discussing HIV is
about as credible as someone who has never heard of spark plugs discussing
auto mechanics.

I know Burgin won't read anything, because he's too busy sticking his
fingers in his ears and singing LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, but anyone else
interested in the phenomenon might be interested in reviews in Science
(1988 Jan 29;239(4839):476-81), Clin Infect Dis. (1994 Sep;19(3):500-12),
or Adv Virus Res. (986;31:335-55).  

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