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Dr Daryl See is Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Division of
Infectious Diseases, University of California at Irvine and a world
renowned immunologist.  He has done extensive research on glyconutritionals
and their effect on the immune system.  What he has found is incredible. 
Gyconutritionals used in his studies have been shown to improve natural
killer cell fuction 50% in normal people and up to 400% in sick people!! 
Our natural killer cell count has been dramatically reduced because of
increased toxicity in our environment and the decline in certain natural
substances in our food supply.  His studies have also indicated that
glyconutritionals support immune modulation!!  If you would like to hear
what Dr See has to say about glyconutritionals, email me at
tgustaf at and I will tell you where you can get the information you

Todd Gustafson

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