MHC restriction

mark mark.haynes at
Thu Oct 22 18:05:10 EST 1998

WHile I haven't read the papers that D. Forsdyke has suggested I seem to 
remember that the MHC molecules were used at some point in the past as a 
compatability systems for recognizing sameness.  If that is true (was 
it some kind of marine organism?) the subsequent use of the machinery to 
present 'foreign' peptides to Tcells would necessarily also include the 
presentation the 'self' peptides. 

 Another aspect is the role of presentation of self peptides for the 
establishment and maintainence of tolerance by deletion. 

 Another aspect of this is what are antigen presenting cells?  Do all of 
these cells work the same way?  the simple answer is no since b cells and 
macs are much worse than dendritic cells.

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