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On Thu, 22 Oct 1998 16:04:32 GMT, gmc0 at ix.netcom.com (George M.
Carter) wrote:

>johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:
>>Similar results were found in a US study comparing zidovudine with
>>placebo in primary HIV infection  (n=28).[46] At 48 weeks, patients
>>who had taken 1000 mg of zidovudine per day for 24 weeks had
>>higher CD4+ cell counts (median, 0.70x 109/L) than the placebo group
>>(median, 0.36x109/L)  (P=.02).     46. Holodniy M, Niu M, Bethel J, et
>>al. A pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of zidovudine (ZDV) vs
>> placebo in primary HIV infection (DATRI 002). Presented at XI
>>International Conference on AIDS;  July 8, 1996; Vancouver, British
>>Oh, do I still have to keep digging up data, that you will refute
>>again that proves, once more, that I was correct when I stated that
>>higher dosages of monotherapy AZT had been used, RECENTLY?  Is this
>>one recent enough?  It certainly appears to have passed your timeline
>>of 1989.  jb
>Yes, you do.  Because the reality is that most
There you go again, "most people". Will you never learn?
 people with HIV take
>600 mg per day, if they take it at all and this has essentially been
>the case since the early 90s.  One or two small
Small?  1000mg?  You can't add either.  I hope you never become a
 dose ranging studies
>do not prove the contrary.
>Nor do they support the notion that 600 mg of AZT will cause AIDS.
>Certainly such a small study does not explain how, in combination with
>drugs with distinct and significant toxicity profiles like 3TC,
>nevirapine or ritonavir (to give a few examples), most folks see
>improvement in surrogate markers, clinical condition and survival.
>The notion
shared by many
 that "drugs cause AIDS" is
becoming more popular the more the antivirals, AZT and PI's are
exposed for their toxicity.jb
not supported by these studies
>in any fashion whatsoever.
>You are a disgrace to the medical community.
>		George M. Carter

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