Rheumatoid arthritis

Walter A. Hanks wh5 at email.byu.edu
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This is not a scientific discussion group.  It is primarily a patient support
group, though a lot of very knowledgable people do post here.  But, I think
you would be better off posting your question in sci.med.immunology or a
similar group.  There is also a new listserve for rheumatologists, called
RA-Consult, that you might try.  It has very little traffic though.

Walt Hanks

Paul Griffin wrote:
> I am posting this message in request of information on rheumatoid
> arthritis.
>          I currently have the task of writing a rather extensive review on the
> immunopathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis. I have been lead to believe
> that one possible theory, for which support has dwindled in recent times,
> was that dysregulation of the innate immune response in the synovium could
> be responsible for the recruitment of inflammatory cells and thus
> initiation of the disease. Specifically, it was thought that a principle
> defect in either macrophage or fibroblast derived synoviocytes results in
> the release of inflammatory mediators and subsequent recruitment and
> activation of effector cells. All of the information I have been able to
> obtain relates to the interaction between CD4+ T cells and antigen
> presenting cells, and although I need to write about this also, I would
> like to be able to cover a number of views. If anyone out there knows of a
> good reference, book or other source of useful information that can steer
> me in the right direction they will be doing me a huge favour. Current
> prevalence data would also be useful, particularly for Australia.
>          Thankyou for taking the time to read my request,
>                  I look forward to hearing from you all,
>                                         Paul
>                                         email: t.s.griffin at picknowl.com.au

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