tolerance induction in mice

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Mon Oct 26 15:12:17 EST 1998

Christiane Hollmann wrote:
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> Hallo everybody,
> I just discovered this discussion forum and I am delighted about the
> tolerance discussion. I am a newcomer in the tolerance field hoping that
> someone knows an answer to my questions.
> Is it true that B cell tolerance can be induced by immunizing mice with
> haptens whereas immunizing with peptides doesnot affect the B cell
> system? Peptides are meant to induce T cell tolerance but there must be
> some influence on the B cells via the CD4+ T cells.
> Does anybody know some literature or is experienced in this fields?
> Thank´s for any help!
> Christiane Hollmann
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That is such a broad topic.  Peruse the review journals (I like annual 
reviews of immunology) on tolerance jsut to get an idea of how much is out 
there.  good luck

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