polygamous heterosexuality & pregnancy

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Mon Oct 26 15:09:29 EST 1998

Lori wrote:
> anonymous wrote:
> > Hi,
> > During a lecture in Psychology 18: Human Development, the following
> > statements we're made by several classmates but could not be verified,
> > Concerning polygamous heterosexuality & pregnancy:
> > * A woman's regular partner's sperm will be dominant and agressively
> > "attack" a foreign or new partner's sperm if both are present in the woman's
> > sexual organs at the same time. ( Territorial Phagocytosis of some sort ?)
> > * A woman who has sperm in her from 2 different partners, will fertilize
> > with the partner who has given her the most pleasure and/or the partner whom
> > she has the strongest attraction for. ( Does orgasm have any physiological
> > effects on fertility?)
> > Can anyone verify these or similiar points and possibly site case studies or
> > research?
> > Please respond via this newsgroup.
> > Thank you.
> > No, this is not a request for help with homework. It's just a very
> > provocative & interesting subject that I'd like 2 hear more about.
> A couple years ago a woman in Colorado gave birth to faternal twins of which
> each had a different father.  The story was that this woman was in the process
> of a divorce and somehow  (to make the story short) ending up having sex with
> her soon to be ex-husband and then later returned home and had sex with her
> boyfriend (soon to be husband) within approx. a few hours.  No one suspected
> anything till after one of the babies were born looked like her exhusband -
> paternity tests were done and did prove that the exhusband did father one of
> the children and the other child was from the other man.
> Something to think about.

My dog, who is now 12.5, is also from a mixed litter.

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