Unique Medical Testing Private Placement

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Mon Oct 26 21:15:52 EST 1998

Unique Medical Testing Private Placement 

Burstein Laboratories (The Company), will make available to any doctor
or hospital an inexpensive way to perform rapid, on-site, in-vitro
diagnostic (IVD) testing, in a way similar to how the personal computer
has put tremendous amounts of information on our desktop that was
previously unavailable. 

The Company is offering a Private Placement where they are seeking funds
to finalize development of a revolutionary method of Point of Care (POC)
medical testing. Burstein Laboratories has developed an extremely cost
effective way to perform medical diagnostic tests which will forever
change the way doctors perform these tests. Utilizing an ordinary PC
with a CD-ROM/DVD reader, the Company specially designed BioCompact
Discs (BCDs), will capture the biological data of a lab specimen or
samples such as blood or urine in such a way that it can be detected and
analyzed digitally, and allow this digital information to by read by an
off the shelf computer with a CD-ROM drive. No sending tests to outside
sources, or waiting days for results.

The BCD system is expected to perform virtually any clinical laboratory
test at a fraction of the current cost. This eliminates the need for
expensive readers ($10,000 - $200,000) and trained personnel, or using
expensive outside testing facilities. This will give any hospital or
doctor the ability to perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests. The
following tests are or being developed; immunoassays, hematology,
DNA/RNA probes and cell recognition, AIDS, and cancer cell detection.

Burstein Labs is negotiating a joint development agreement with one of
the three top clinical laboratories. This represents one billion
($1,000,000,000.00) in annual sales for this company alone. Due to the
vast size of the market for diagnostic testing ($36 Billion in the USA),
and huge demand anticipated for the Companies products once they are
commercially available, the Company plans to do for clinical laboratory
testing what the personal computer has done for computing technology:
make it accessible, affordable and place it at the fingertips of each
individual user.

The Company seeks investment of up to $3 million in capital to complete
development of its core technology over the next 12 months at which time
the Company plans to begin developing BCDs for commercialization. For
more information on this incredible Private Placement, please send email to:

Christopher Winkler APEX Funding cwinkler at primenet.com

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