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>>Standard errors are all that you can produce when you have a faulty
>>premise.  Still don't know what spontaneous generation is?  
>I think no more need be said about this clown's scientific acumen.
>John- look up standard error in any biostatistic or epidemiology test.
>I think you will be amazed at how different the meaning is from what 
>you imagine.
Call me anything you prefer, the fact remains that standardized error
is immaterial when the basic premise for the test is flawed.  No,
you're wrong, there's nothing that you guys could say that wouldn't
strecth my imagination.  I believe that you fellas have pretty much
left yourselves so openminded that your brains have fallen out and you
don't know it.  Faulty premise, HIV doesn't cause AIDS.  No scientific
paper has proven it.  You can't use the "prove it doesn't" routine,
you know better. Show us all the paper, the magic, peer reviewed paper
concluding that HIV causes AIDS and the $50 billion bucks we have
spent on this hayride which has produced anything you want to know
about HIV except how a retrovirus farts. I'm sure another billion
would take care of that. jb
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