Isolating lymphocytes from diluted blood - need some references.

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An obvious way to maximize the yield of both PBL and antibodies from a given volume of blood would be to use plasma instead of serum
as a source of antibodies. Unlike standard procedure with separate tubes for PBL and for serum, all blood might be collected into
heparinated tubes, the tubes spun down, plasma removed and frozen, packed erythro/leucocytes mixed with equal volume of RPMI+5%FCS,
laid over Ficoll/Metrizoate and processed as usually. I found that yield of PBMC from the blood prepared in this way was essentially
the same as from the whole heparinated blood and would like to persuade my supervisor to modify current S.O.P. in order to get more
cells for the expense of serum tubes. Certainly, nothing can be done without justification – he needs some references.

MEDLINE search for "method+lymphocyte+isolation" has produced a lot of records dated before 1980’s and with "No abstract available".
I’ll appreciate, if someone could send me anything that may be used as a reference (some page numbers in a textbook of immunology,

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