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> >This is worth repeating.
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> >I've trimmed some of the fat so Bosch's respnse to "John Burgin" is not
> >obscured.  It appears that not only is "John Burgin" (real name??)
> >ignorant of some basic terms, but (if we can believe him) so are his
> >alleged medical colleagues and his molecular biologist (apologies
> they don't need apologies, they agree with me that you're full of it
>  to
> >them if he misrepresents them).  Moreover, they do not know how to
> >write a good
> Oh, so you're the big kahuna of medline because you can drag up a few
> obscure and TOTALLY UNIMPORTANT articles about "Enhancing Antibodies"?
> Tell me, is that all you know?
> Medline search strategy.  Bosch wrote one and found ample
> >documentation of widespread use of a term "John Burgin" had ridiculed
> and, continues to ridicule
> >as unheard of...
> because it isn't worth fooling with.  jb

Actually, it is. While I feel that currently in the efforts to make an
HIV-1 vaccine, enhancing antibodies are the least of our concern, they
should not be completely ignored. The most obvious example being Dengue
fever, where preexisting antibodies (from an earlier infection that is
generally nonpathogenic) enhance uptake of Dengue virus into macrophages
resulting in enhanced systemic replication of the virus and ensuing dengue
hemorragic fever and possibly dengue shock syndrome. 

Marnix Bosch

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