"AIDS Treatment News" (a few "sites"??)

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> >I've tried to clear away some of the clutter.  "John Burgin" ridiculed
> >the terrm "enhancing antibodies" as unheard of, claimed it could not be
> >found in a Medline search.  Bosch easily found it (400 or so articles
> >used it in title or abstract, and about 10% of these did so in the
> >context of AIDS).
> >
> >Whereupon "John Burgin" challenges him ("big boy") to show him some
> >"sites".  Is it just a matter of mis-spelling, or is he really so naive
> >as to think one goes to Medline to find websites?  If he means "cites"
> >(as a vulgar abbreviation for "citations"), why doesn't he ask how to
> >do the Medline search properly and read a few of the articles cited?
> F., I'm not naive enough to waste my time searching through a mountain
> of b.s. for "enhancing" antibodies when medical pathologists who have
> just finished their board exams(successfully I might add) don't recall
> even a question on their exam or reference to such terms.  Can't be
> very important now can it? Ever read the book by Stephen Hawking, "A
> Brief History of Time".  Make any sense to you, big boy?  Understand
> String Theory, smart guy?  Or, is it more likely that you spend your
> entire life smelling like the lab you grow old in and don't have a
> clue about anything outside of your lab coat.  Page 10, first
> paragraph. jb

At least you yourself now indicate that a search for knowledge is not why
you came to this newsgroup. You were shown to be plain wrong and pointed
into the direction where you might learn more about a subject that in your
gross ignorance you feel perfectly comfortable posting about. I can see
the tears welling up in your eyes while you stamp with your foot on the
floor muttering 'I am right, I am right, I am right !'. 

Marnix Bosch

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