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>> And so he should be. There is no true disagreement in the scientific
>> community. Duesberg stands alone and has been proven wrong many times.
>> This has been pointed out to you complete with literature citations, that
>> you have either not bothered to look up or to further discuss here.
>Given the fact that dissidents always cite the list of scientists that
>support Duesberg's views, I think it's time to start a list of scientists HIV
>is linked to AIDS.
Did you check this sentence for grammar?  I believe you're missing a
subordinate conjunction or something, care to try again?
However, if I can read between the lines, you may use all of the names
that are associated with the dogma, please remind our audience that
they are all on the dole for NIH funding and MUST agree with the
HIV=AIDS premis to get funding..  
 Anyone care to chop down a few acres of rainforest to get
>the paper?
So, you're not an environmental wacko?  We do have something in
common! jb

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