Jessica Sanchez jessanchez at removethis.yahoo.com
Sat Sep 5 18:58:08 EST 1998

I feel this is an appropriate newsgroup since it has to do with science and
this message is being posted on behalf of the Earth New Technologies Agency.
ENT is an agency of the UEA.

What is ENT?
Earth New Technologies is responsible for developing new technologies and
distributing them through out the world. Our developments are aimed at
various things, such as cutting pollution or improving peoples lives. The
basic line is the development of technology that makes the world that bit

Where are we based?
The HQ of the UEA is in London, UK, but ENT has personnel across the world.
It doesn't matter where you are because we keep in contact using the
Internet and a UEA resource called the Utopia Network.

How can you help?
At present we need people in any scientific field to help us. Your help can
come in the form of running one of our projects or by simply advising us.
Either way, we need your help.

How to find out more?
Please go to the UEA website http://www.uea.net for further information



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