Can Amphotericin-B be safely incorporated into human PBL cultures?

Geoffrey A. Cole gcole at gte.net
Mon Sep 7 15:44:54 EST 1998

My question is prompted by the recent fungal contamination of a
long-term human CTL line.  I recently moved from the murine realm where
lymphoid cells abound into human T cell work and employ (precious and
limited) PBL as culture material. 

Any comments on how a supplement like amphotericin-B/fungizone impacts
the yield/effector function (i.e. cytolytic activity, cytokine release)
of peptide-stimulated PBL cultures would be appreciated.

I don't anticipate fungal contamination becoming a real problem, but to
loose any long-term cultures significantly impact my work.

Thanks in advance.

Geff Cole

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