IgG subclasses revisited - a bit long

kevin-ault at uiowa.edu kevin-ault at uiowa.edu
Tue Sep 8 19:32:07 EST 1998

Previously I had posted to this group asking for review article on IgG
subclasses.  Although I received some useful replies, I realized later
that I should have been more specific.

The article that prompted my post concerned IgG subclass responses to
the E7 protein of HPV 16.  (full reference below)  They found that
women with IgG2 antibodies to this antigen cleared their cervical
infection.  They conclude that this indicates a Th1 response is
protective against human papilloma virus. 

My questions are 1) is this subclass difference well worked in human
responses? 2) are their other diseases where this subclass difference
has been observed? 3) and finally do this subclasses have any special
role in mucosal immunology?

Thanks - Kevin Ault, MD  University of Iowa  Iowa City IA USA
		(kevin-ault at uiowa.edu)

De Gruijl T et al.  Analysis of IgG reactivity against human papilloma
virus type 16 in patients with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
indicates an association with clearance of viral infection:  results
of a prospective study.  Int J Cancer 68:731-738.  1996.  

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