immunomodulation (opinion?)

Michal Spimr spimr at kam.ms.mff.cuni.cz
Mon Sep 14 15:20:07 EST 1998

alergy can be treated by putting very small doses of alergen
(hyposenzibilization), sometimes however the alergen is not known. Then the
patient can make a bruise (or several of them)during the alergic reaction
and later as the bruise is disapearing it puts into blood particles that
were in the blood during the time when bruise has created. In similar
fashion autohomological treatment works (i guess). Does anyone know more
about "standars" autohomological imunomodulations, how they work on the
level of immune cells (or on the level of Jerne's idiotype network)?

thank you for any comment

Michal Spimr
Department of Applied mathematics
Charles University, Prague

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