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Wed Sep 16 13:10:35 EST 1998

F. Frank LeFever wrote:
> Do you mean the clean and modern lifestyle such as in the POORER
> neighborhoods of New York City, where asthma rates are especially high?
> In <6tm4gp$gq$1 at mawar.singnet.com.sg> "skyamsen"
> <a.bio at technologist.com> writes:
> >
> >How much can our clean and modern lifestyle attribute to the high
> allergy
> >rates seen, esp for asthma?
> >
> >
> >

I seem to remember a study in science (last year?) that uncovered a 
corelation with vaccinations and asthma in which the opinion was that the 
 vaccinated children were not getting 'natural' upper resperatory 
infections and this may result in increased sensitivity due to a skewed 
local concentration of immune cells.  but then again i could have that 

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