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In article <6trbbf$gja at sjx-ixn6.ix.netcom.com>, gmc0 at ix.netcom.com (George M.
Carter) writes:

>>>>>>>> Long-term survivors have usually tried many different treatments,
>> and found combinations which work for them.  

>  The reality is, most infected people WILL progress to AIDS. 
 Not treating at a certain point in the
>progression is a fatally stupid mistake.<<<<<<<<<

If an effective treatment is developed for HIV that would prevent
AID's from developing, wouldn't we have given birth to a new
chronic disease? If so, how would it be prevented from being
passed on to the next generations? I am assuming that the
people who had it would want the same rights as anyone
with any other chronic disease.
Is anything other than a complete cure ethically right?

Just some thoughts.
Carol T

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